Renaissance Theatre is Moving! We're having a Showcase and Party for all of our past Actors, Lighting/Sound/Set Techies, Directors, Costumers, Stage Managers, Tech Directors, Volunteers, etc.

August 13 @ 7:00pm - Upstairs on the MainStage

Renaissance Theatre

Renaissance Theatre at Lincoln Center's building has been sold. We will be continuing theatre in a different location in the future. We are having a showcase celebration by revisiting of the many productions over the years before we leave the building for good.  This Saturday, August 13 from 7:00pm till ??

1. The Showcase will include Monologues, Musical and/or Dance Numbers, and short scenes from past productions.

2. Photographs, video's and programs will be on display. If you have any to contribute please do! (These are not donations, but just for people to see and peruse and the items will go home with you).

3. Karaoke and visiting following the Showcase. Please BYOB and bring a Potluck Fingerfood (cups, ice, mixers supplied).